Of Course I'll Play It is the personal blog of professional game developer Dusty Monk.  It is centered almost entirely around massively multiplayer games, and not only is a collection of guides and personal commentary, but may also contain the occasional bit of lore and fan fiction.

Dusty has worked for over fifteen years in game development, and has worked on a variety of titles on a variety of platforms, including Hydro Thunder, Ready 2 Rumble Boxing, Age of Mythology, Age of Empires III, and Halo Wars.

In 2009 Dusty founded Windstorm Studios, an independent game development studio, and over the next two years developed and published the retro sci-fi vehicle action game Atomic City Adventures - The Case of the Black Dragon.

In 2012, Dusty went to work for Robot Entertainment, where he has worked on Orcs Must Die, Hero Academy, and Orcs Must Die 2.

Of Course I'll Play It is a personal blog, reflecting the thoughts and commentary of Dusty Monk only, and should in no way be  interpreted as the statements or opinions of his employers Robot Entertainment.

Please feel free to subscribe to the blog and leave commentary, but please be sure to keep in clean and respectable.  I have a family, and I intend for this place to be family friendly.  Additionally, for additional commentary and discussion, add my Google Plus profile to your circles.



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