Tuesday, February 28, 2012

City of Heroes Peculiar Leveling

So surprisingly enough, lately I've found myself back in City of Heroes quite a bit.  I blame my in-laws.  They came up for a weekend recently, and we had all played City of Heroes back in the day.  Now that the game is free-to-play, it didn't take long for them to re-activate their accounts, and after an hour or so patching up my computers, we had a nice six-man group running around completing missions and task forces - all of us playing in the same room, which makes for tons of hilarity and hijinks.

So I found myself logging in to play some more this past weekend.  The game is fairly bustling with activity - the zones feel alive with people in them, the help channel is constantly busy with chatter, and after spending so much time in the vast emptiness of the upper level SWTOR zones (Voss and Correlia I'm looking at you), it felt good to play with people again.  The only real caveats, of course, is that it is City of Heroes.  You have to like the fundamental gameplay, which for many people feels staid and dated.  And you have to be okay with, or at least be aware of, some of this game's own peculiar design quirks.  And it's one of those that I wanted to talk about.