Tuesday, July 31, 2012

The War in Kryta

So it took a bit longer than I had anticipated. It turns out, some of the missions in The War in Kryta are, well, as hard as anything The Eye of the North or Nightfall is going to throw at you. Once again, I found myself scrambling to find the right build for my character, and more importantly, the right makeup of heroes, in order to succeed in many of the missions.
But finish it I did. At first I thought I might throw together a few screenshots of the journey, but I decided to do something instead, a bit more fun. Or so I hope. So I have put together an entire photojournal of the entire War In Kryta storyline.

Note, that I've tried to present this not just as a collection of screenshots, but as an actual photo journal of sorts. The story is told through the captions, which are entries from the point of view of Kaytte Harmony. The fiction is this journal has been discovered in the time of Guild Wars 2. Occasionally, you will see notes from Syrene Harmony. This would be Kaytte's present day descendant. 

One more note: I have shared the album already to G+.  So if you're a plusser, and you've already seen the album, this is nothing new.  I'm providing a link in my blog to provide a bit of permanence, and (admittedly) to hopefully give exposure of the album to, you know, the four people that have my blog in their reader.  However, the photojournal is saved as a G+ photo album, and you have to have a Google Plus account to view it.  The embedded slideshow thingy for picasa is just.. really really terrible.  So to view the album, follow the link below.

Warning: This album is a complete spoiler for The War in Kryta story. If you intend to play through this set of missions, and do not want the story spoiled for you, you should not continue past the first screenshot. However, if you are perfectly happy not finishing Guild Wars, and want to see for yourself the events that lead out of Guild Wars 1 and into Guild Wars 2, then I invite you to enjoy the journey.

And with that out of the way, I present to you The War in Kryta.