Sunday, February 10, 2013

Guild Wars 2 - Gettin' Your Daily On

So in the most recent round of patches at the end of January, ArenaNet introduced some changes to the Daily Achievement.  And, as often is the case when change is introduced, if you were to spend any time on the Guild Wars 2 forums, well the new changes have done nothing less than destroy the game!  For whatever reason, I haven't found the new dailies all that onerous, and I actually like the fact that I want to spend some time thinking about how to satisfy them.

But it is true that you do actually have to pursue them.  The new dailies aren't going to complete themselves in the typical process of just running around a zone completing renown hearts and doing dynamic events.  So to assist in that, I thought I'd put up some suggestions for how to complete some of the more challenging daily achievements.  Oh and to give credit where it's due, these aren't all my own suggestions - but are gathered from a number of threads and responses I've come across in both G+ and various fan sites.

Daily Healer
To achieve Daily Healer you have to revive 10 allies.  To achieve this, I myself have even resorted to some cheesy tactics, like paring up with a pal and throwing ouselves off a cliff so the other can revive us at the bottom, or escorting some NPC's and letting the monsters kill the NPC's so I could revive them.  But honestly those types of tactics aren't at all necessary.  There are a wide variety of places you can go where fallen allies are in abundance, and you can get your 10 ally revives in no time at all.  Here's a few:

Seraph Observers Waypoint, Brisbane Wildlands
This little outpost at Brisbane Wildland's northernmost waypoint is pretty much under constant bandit attack. At any given time, when you walk into this camp, you can almost be assured that most everyone is down and in need of revivement.  But there are bandits aplenty here, so be prepared to take out the trash before you get to the task of reviving.

Oldgate Waypoint, Diessa Plateau
These old ascalon ruins are littered with ghosts.. and with Iron Legion soldiers that are constantly being defeated by said ghosts.  They won't necessarily show up on your minimap, but if you wonder around the ruins, you can likely find ten allies to revive in a relatively short time.  Diessa Plateau is in general a great place to do your daily revive.  The village of Nageling is constantly under attack, and the road from Nageling to Butcher's Block is littered with hunters and farmers that have fallen to the many worms that line both sides of the road.

Hunting Lodge, Queensdale
The hunters around the hunter's lodge have their hands full.  The numerous boars, wasps, and spiders that litter the forest make it a dangerous place, and they're often in need of being revived.  What makes the Hunter's Lodge especially attractive are those Dire Boars that litter the surrounding woods, which I'll discuss below.

Those are just a couple of places that have been suggested or that I've come across that seem really good for finding folks to revive.  But for the most part, getting 10 revives isn't hard at all, just find any outpost or encampment that's often contested, (Hirathi Hinterlands anyone?), and you'll find plenty of allies to revive.

Daily Veteran Slayer
A lot of people are up in arms about this one because they claim that it reduces your chance to solo.  From my own personal experience, in taking three difference classes to 80, and five classes to level 40, I've never encountered a single class that couldn't easily handle solo veteran mobs of my level by level 10.  But when you're faced with completin this requirement, you're all Man, I know I've seen some veteran mobs.. but where can I find some reliably?  Here's a few places:

Hunting Lodge, Queensdale
So while you're reviving hunters around the hunting lodge, you'll find plenty of Veteran Dire Boars roaming the woods as well.  Now make no mistake, these guys hit hard, but Queensdale is usually very well populated, so you'll likely find some help, and these guys are in plentiful supply.

Godslost Swamp, Queensdale
Another fine location in Queensdale is the swamp.  Find a portal, run over to it, destroy it and the few mobs around it, and voila!  You'll often be rewarded with a level 15 to 16 veteran Aatxe.  They're pretty easy to kill, and you can fulfill your requirement in almost no time.

Hidden Garden, Mount Maelstrom
This one isn't quite as reliable as some of the other places, as the entrance to the garden may or may not be active when you pop over there.  But it pops up pretty often, and in my own experience, it's typically there more often than it's not.  I usually pop over to the Criterion Waypoint, and go a short ways southeast from there.  There are two veteran mobs you kill to activate the entrance, and then once you're in the entrance, there are plenty of veteran earth elementals standing around the lower part of the zone, easy to pull off by themselves and pretty easy to kill.  Have at it!

Again there are tons of veteran mobs in plenty of supply littered around the zones, so just do yourself a favor, and the next time you come across a couple of them, jot down the location!  You only have to kill five to satisfy the requirement, and having your own favorite location will make this event short duty.

Daily Dodger
So Daily Dodger was the only new requirement that really gave me a bit of a hard time trying to complete.  That is, until a friend of mine reminded me that dodging catapult landings satisfies the requirement!  So to complete Daily Dodger, just find any location with catapults!  Don't worry, stand quietly, wait for the redcircle, count a few beats, and dodge just as the rock is about to land. There are a variety of locations with catapults scattered about the zones.

Overlords' Great Camp, Kessex Hills
One great location is this camp.  Simply pop in a Halacon Waypoint, head south, and stand around just outside the perimeter of the camp.  In short time you'll be surrounded by red rings, dodging out of the way, and completing your requirement.

Vale Waypoint, Queensdale
If you don't like dodging trebuchet shots, then your next best bet is any mob with a long, slow windup attack.  Ettins are great mob for this, and there's a group easy to get to just north of the Vale Waypoint in Queensdale.  Also, any of the centaur snipers have long windups that are easy to avoid.  And of course, there's Risen Brutes, of which you'll find no shortage of in any of the Orr zones.

Daily Crafter
Daily crafter is what it is, it's pretty obvious.  But the only thing I wanted to say about this is that remember that converting refined goods counts for "crafting an item".  So even if you don't want to build anything, chances are you have some quantity of low level logs, leather, or cloth that you can refine 10 of to get your fastest, easiest route to daily crafter.

I hope that helps a bit in finishing off some of those dailies.  As is the case of all things, it really boils down to a matter of respective.  You can view it as a chore, or you can view it as something new and interesting to go and do, the choice is really up to you.  These are just a few locations that I've come across, and there are tons more.  If you have your own favorite spot that you have found to satisfy a requirement, please add it in the comments below!

Until then, Good Hunting! 


  1. Catapult suggestion is a great idea. I will give it a try next time.

  2. Thanks Mark Richards!

    One more suggestion I wanted to offer up. When you're working on Aquatic Slayer, it's a great time to pop a Kill Streak Booster. You typically do Aquatic Slayer in a lake full of Krait or Scale, and those guys are in plentiful supply and die quickly. Pop a Kill Streak Booster before you start, and go to town, and get 200% experience for each kill!

  3. If you like WvW, checkpoint guards are veterans and claiming the checkpoint counts as an event. I find that spending some time in WvW with a zerg will easily clear Kills, Kill Variety, Healer, and Dodger. Flipping camps and taking keeps and towers also count as events. You can solo checkpoints, and it only takes 2-3 people to flip a supply camp.

  4. I found a site that does a pretty good breakdown of the getting the different achievements quickly:

    One other possibility for dodger are the "flailing limbs" sticking out of the ground in Caledon Forest. There are a few around the area of the Wardenhurst Waypoint. They toss rocks at you that don't hurt too bad, and the projectiles are pretty slow, so you don't need a lot of reaction speed.

    Anyway, great post. I'll check out your suggestions for a change of pace. :)