Thursday, May 30, 2013

Reorganization in Progress!

As you may or may not have noticed, many of my blogs posts are starting to take the form of beginner's guides and hopefully helpful how-to's.  I rarely play these games at the highest level, so the type of information I provide isn't typically geared towards the high end player.  But I do play in what I like to refer to as hardcore casual.  That is, even though I may only brush across the various aspects of a game at the casual level, I still play a lot.  And it's been gratifying to sum up the information I come across in a form that hopefully helps others get their feet on the ground in whatever their MMO of choice is.

You've probably also noticed that the blog has taken a decidedly Guild Wars 2 bent.  This is to be expected, and to be honest, is quite likely to continue.  Guild Wars 2 is, in my mind, one of the best MMO's to come out in some time, and from where I stand, it just feels like the guys and gals down at ArenaNet are taking all the right steps to make it better.  I suspect Guild Wars 2 is going to be around for some time, and as such, is likely to be my permanent MMO residence for some time to come.

Anyway, in an effort to try to make it easier for folks to get to the stuff they may be interested in, I've started reorganizing the blog a bit.  You'll notice some new tabs across the top.  The Guides section is a table of contents page allowing you to see at a glance which guides I've written for which games, and if there are any that you might find interesting.

The Lore category is my indulgence.  I'll occasionally post things in-character, as it were, either from the point of view of a person talking about the history, places, and characters of a particular MMO, or from the actual standpoint of one of my characters.  And I've had some ideas for some various pieces of fan-fiction brewing about in my head for some time, and those will fall under that category.

And of course, Commentary is for everything else.  Those would be my week to week ramblings on this game or that game, and perspectives on various game mechanics from a game design perspective.

The reorganization is not complete.  I still plan to create table of contents pages for the Lore and Commentary tabs, rather than just produce the category search results, as they do now. But these things take time, and that's one thing that hasn't changed about this blog - I still don't have nearly enough time to spend on it as I'd like!

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