Thursday, August 28, 2014

A Night of Celebration!

So right now Final Fantasy XIV:ARR has a variety of in game events going on to celebrate their one year anniversary.  When it comes to seasonal events in MMO's, I'm very hit or miss. Occasionally I'll endeavor to do them just to see what they're all about, but quite often I'm just as happy to skip them altogether. Especially when the activities they would have you participate in trend towards monotonous. But as I'm still relatively new to FFXIV, and as these were the first seasonal events that have occurred since my return to the game, I decided to give them a go. And I'm glad I did. Seasonal events in FFXIV for me hit just exactly the right mix of fun, polish, and length!

Burgeoning Dread
This event features a character which I'm sure has an enormous amount of lore and backstory behind her, but as I'm almost completely ignorant of the vast majority of FFXIV's lore, meant very little to me personally. In fact I event made the mistake on twitter of misidentifying the character as lalafell, when it's clearly a tarutaru! It was still fun. You begin with taking a quest from an erstwhile miqo'te reporter to investigate some myserious happenings, which are almost certainly portents of another Calamity. You end up squaring off in a fate against a giant Shantoto, which is good fun strictly from the comedic aspects alone! You end up with a lovely little wind-up Shantoto for your efforts.

Moonfire Faire
This one was the longest of the events, and even it wasn't very long! It begins by talking with a Moonfire Chaperone in one of the capital cities. From there you travel to Llimsa Lominsa to talk with the coordinator of the summer festival, and he in turn sends you to three different locations in the world to participate in three different activities. Upon return to him, you're rewarded with a final bit of story, which is quite good, actually. And of course some experience, a variety of fireworks, and a new dance emote.

The Rising
The Rising is a short little side quest that's a part of the celebrations, and really serves no further purpose than to put the spotlight back on you, the player, and to reemphasize that you (and only you) are the the world's last and truly best hope of salvation from the events of the Calamity.  You're treated to a great bit of story, some cinematics, and a new Huzzah! emote. Something I now plan to use on our party's tank after each and every boss kill.  Huzzah! I can't wait!

The Goods
Between the special vendors and the quests the seasonal events are a great time to get a variety of summer themed clothes, fireworks, minions for your collection, and even some new emotes. The effort is not more than a night's worth, to be honest, and the rewards I feel are commensurate. All of the clothing options and even the minions are quite affordable, so they really make it easy to participate and easy to complete. Which I think is awesome.

My only complaint is that it would appear that the quests are pretty much non-repeatable. Which surprises me. Even though the events appear to return on an annual basis, once you've done them once, you can't do them again. The quest givers don't even appear for you. Hopefully Square-Enix will continue to expand upon the events, and continue to give everyone something new to do each year, or at least something fun to participate in again for some new rewards.

The Lightning Returns event.. well.. returns in a few days, and as I missed it the first time it came around, I'm looking forward to trying it out!

Until next time, may your sword be wet and your bottom dry!

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