Wednesday, July 15, 2015

The Girl with the Golden Gun

So I've been at 60 for a bit now, and wanted to change up the look of my smuggler Kaytte. I saw someone in Fleet the other day that had built an entire outfit with pink and white, and found a speeder that matched in color scheme, and it looked really sharp. Thought I might do something similar. So that sat me down the task of surfing Tor Fashion, and other SWTOR transmog sites, to see what was available and where I could get it.

And that's when I learned customizing your appearance in SWTOR can actually be really challenging. Much more so I think than in WoW. For instance, most of the best vanity pieces are only available through Cartel Packs - crates you buy at the F2P store, and offer a random selection of goods. And the Cartel Packs themselves are rotated in and out, so at any given time, even if you want to roll the dice on an RNG crate, the one you need may not actually even be currently available. That's when I realized my carefully planned mog probably wasn't going to be doable at the moment.

But I still wanted to do something, and I had some cartel coins burning a hole in my pocket, so I used Dulfy's excellent guides to crate contents to pick out the kinds of crates I wanted, and bought a half dozen. No mounts or pets, sadly, but I did pick up some vanity armor pieces I did like, including this chest piece and gloves.

I started rummaging through my rather voluminous closet of stuff I've kept for forever (I try to keep at least one look of just about everything I come across) to find suitable pants, belts, boots, etc, to go with this top. OH - and blasters! Oh but the thing about weapons - you can't change their appearance. Most of the best weapons are moddable though, so you can still use just about whatever weapon set you want. But as I looked through my weapon collection,  I realized it would be better to build a appearance around a particular set of blasters, rather than to try to find blasters to fit a look.

And that's when I noticed I had a lovely matching pair of double-barreled gold blasters. At the time, they were way too flashy for my current look, but if I built an entire look around them.. well, we might have something!

With weapons selected, I set about picking out the other pieces, and then spent time on the GTN looking for a suitable white and gold dye module. Dye modules tend to be expensive, some going well over 6 digits in price, but I found a nice yellow and light grey set for about 50K.  Spent even more money on matching crystals (after all, it wouldn't do for my gold blasters to fire green bolts now would it?), and even more on a matching speeder.  And then to top it all off, I had a customization kit for my HK-51 droid that was all silvery and retro-futuristic looking, so I applied it as I thought it went well with the look.

And thus, the Girl with the Golden Gun was born. I'm actually quite pleased with the results, I find her appearance to be someone reminiscent of Emma Frost - and that ain't a bad thing.

I took some tips from Ravalation's blog on taking action screenshots in SWTOR, and let me just tell you, the game doesn't make it easy. Pick on enemies too easy, and they die before you can even get set, much less rotate the camera. Pick on enemies too close to level, and you'll find yourself mauled to death while you're busily snapping photos. :) But I managed to get a few good ones, so here they are.

Now that I've settled (for now) on her appearance, I really should probably get around to collecting those datacrons..

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