Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Ask and ye shall receive

So apparently the right thing to was to blog about it.  Because just one day after complaining about it yesterday, the 6th and final piece of my transmog set dropped.  And as you probably already guessed, it was the blue rogue tier-2 recolor set from the Burning Crusade dungeons.

I didn't want to set up any of the set until I had all of it, because it clearly is a matched set, and just wouldn't look right without it being complete. And of course, the helm, the Cowl of the Guiltless, was the piece that I didn't have, and I think the cowl makes the set.

Though to be honest, the shots with her without the cowl aren't too shabby either.  The truly observant will notice that I also visited the barber to make her hair match the gear.  Yeah.. I'm that obsessive.

I love the Starlight daggers.  However, I spend much of my time in combat spec, when I'm soloing, and I don't yet have a decent sword.  Next on my list is to find a nice blue glowy sword - so if you have recommendations, I'm happy to hear them.

At least now though, I can stop visiting Black Morass every day, and for that, I am extremely pleased!

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