Monday, February 24, 2014

Exercise & Diet - Terrible Twins

So, by now I'm sure you guys are tired of me posting up exercise posts like I'm some sort of fitness freak.  But the truth is, I'm actually exactly the opposite of a fitness freak.  In fact, I struggle each and every time I have to decide whether or not I'm going to get in a workout for the day or not.  I wish I wasn't that person.  I actually do wish I was the kind of person that just did their daily or tri-weekly workout without a moment's thought - that it was as natural as eating.  I wish I was that person that, while even on vacation or on a business trip they sought out the hotel's weight room and was up at 5:30 am getting in their daily workout.  But no - I'm the person that while on vacation exercise is the furthest thought from my mind.  I'm all.. "Exercise!  Fuck that, I'm on vacation bitches!"  and that's the last thought of exercise that runs through my mind.  Which is why, I suppose, it actually makes it somewhat interesting to write about.

I have though, discovered something.  It's something that most everyone already knows, actually.  But as the great philosopher Morpheus once said.. "There is a difference, Neo, between knowing the path.. and walking the path".  As you probably already know, if you want to get back into some kind of sane human shape, you can't do it with just eating better, or just exercising, alone.  You have to do both.  Believe me I've tried - but exercise all you want, if you ignore your diet, you won't lose any weight.  At least I don't.  And vice versa, even if you successfully clean up your diet, without exercise, you still won't get the heart action you really need.  But the thing that I've discovered, is that one actually directly contributes to your ability to succeed in the other.

Here's what I mean.  I didn't exercise Friday.  Yap - blew it off.  Had a fine morning of leveling my protection warrior in WoW.  But as a result, I additionally felt almost no real motivation to watch my diet throughout the weekend.  So I threw down the beers, had 10,000 calorie pasta dishes on Friday night and Saturday night, and followed up with homemade pizza on Sunday.  Mmmmm.  The thing is, I probably had two weeks worth of normal person calories in three days.  It's a sure fire way back to 230 lbs, to be sure. This morning, despite a huge struggle, I actually somehow found the motivation to get back into the exercise room in front of the kinect and give it a 30 minute workout.  Not much, but it was something.  And the thing is, as I'm lumbering this 210 lb frame through butt-kicks and burpies, I'm thinking.. gawddamn.. this would be a helluva  lot easier if I didn't friggen weigh so much!  See?  One leads to the other.  If you actually can get a little exercise in, suddenly you're a bit more motivated to maybe skip that double package of Dolly Madison Swiss Roles at midnight.

Anyway, I'm writing this this morning to remind me of that motivation later, when I need it.  I dunno if I'll stay on my tri-weekly routine or not, but I need to.  I can't pretend to be even really very good at this, but I keep tellin' myself as long as I continue to try, then it has to be worth something.

Anyhoo.. hope your week shapes up to be a good one.  Peas Out!

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