Monday, February 10, 2014


I remember now what it was that actually got me going on the last exercise program that lasted for more than 6 weeks.  I was watching this Iron Man competition.  And there were.. these 75 year old guys out there.. doing the friggen IronMan.  And they weren't doing like.. the senior citizens version of the Ironman, they were just doing the straight up normal competition.  And I got off my ass and I started working out, and I stayed with it through the better part of six months.

I fell off that program back in October.  And though I have pretty much every weekend since January told myself "Okay.. let's get back on this" I have so far failed to do so.  This morning I'm saying it again.  And I gotta admit, it's the Olympics that are my motivation.  I mean.. make no mistake, it's not like I have any delusions about Olympic grandeur, but every one of those kids out there is out there because they worked their asses off.  And not just for months -- but for years.  And they're kids.  And you just.. you have to appreciate where they are now. 
So this morning I'm motivated to get back on track with a couple of things.  I'm going to game less.  Not much less, but I'm going to make more room in my day for other things too.  I'm going to blog more.  I'm starting this morning, and my promise is to start putting out more, 15 minute blogs.  Because one of the reason I don't blog as much as I should is that any time I sit down it turns into a 2 hour endeavor, and who has time for that?  So I'm going to write a bit more, excersize a bit more, and try to round out the lifestyle a bit.  And if you're all nodding and smiling in empathy and commiseration and thinking "Yeah.. so we all say.." well I don't blame you one bit, and I'm doing a bit of that myself.  But hey, they way I see it, no matter how many times we quit, we only lose if we stop trying to start. 

Have a great monday! 

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